Learn Data Science
Work In Japan

Our Instructor experienced working with several companies and experts in the science of learning and the science of data for business.

What is Make.AI?

Make-Ai is owned by PT. Renom Infrastruktur Indonesia, a company that are engaged in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources.

Our professional mentor who had experienced in real world project from Japan and South east Asia will be supporting each students through this bootcamp.

Students can be the practical data scientist after they experience the lecture and hands-on class based on case study in real world.

Start as a Beginner

Make-Ai classes are designed for absolute beginners.

We start with coding basics and move on to more advanced concepts.


Class 1

Explore the data!
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Class 2

Start learning the concepts behind Machine Learning models 

Class 3

Apply machine learning models to real world cases

In House Training

Custom training to address your company’s needs


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