About Us

Make-Ai is owned by PT. Renom Infrastruktur Indonesia, a company that is engaged in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources.

Founded in 2015, PT. Renom Infrastruktur Indonesia is an affiliated company of GRID Inc., a Tokyo based technology company founded in 2009. We are on a mission to create the next generation of Artificial Intelligence ecosystem in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia. We aim to make data science and AI knowledge accessible to as many people as possible through Make-Ai. Our classes are designed for absolute beginners. We start with coding basics and move on to more advanced concepts.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the ability of a computer program or a machine to think and learn in order to resolve a problem. But it is not a magical program that can think just like a human. Artificial Intelligence required a large amount of training data to look for a specific pattern to solve problems that originally can be only solved by human intelligence. So, how does Artificial Intelligence actually learn? To build and run successful projects with Artificial Intelligence you need data scientists within your teams.

Who Is Data Scientist?

A data scientist is someone who expert in analytical data, finds the pattern in the data using statistical methods, utilizes coding skills of different algorithms and the curiosity to explore what problems need to be solved. Many data scientists began their careers as statisticians or data analysts. But as technology and its industry began to grow and evolve, Data Science as career evolved as well. Data is no longer only for IT expert to handle. It’s key information that requires analysis, creative curiosity and high-tech ideas into new ways to resolve problems.

Why Learn Data Science?

The Most Promising Job

For three years in a row, the Data Scientist has been named the number one job with high salaries, and high job satisfaction.

Extremely High in Demand

The demand for data scientists is at an all-time high. In fact, there’s still a shortage of talent to fill the huge need of Data Scientist and they need you right now to converting abstract data into real-world insights and effective actions.

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AI Rapid Progression

Artificial intelligence is likely to evolve at a more rapid pace than any other type of technological advance. It means, data volumes are increasing and businesses need to use that data to optimize their business.

Course Syllabus

Through online and blended learning, you can adjust to custom learning styles which best suit you.
You can create flexible study plans between fully online learning and tutoring or combine it with face-to-face tutoring.

Course Package Pricing

Complete Package

Learning to Become a Data Scientist

Monthly Subscription

Rp 500.000

3 Months Subscription

Rp 1.500.000

Rp 1.000.000

Packages includes:

  • Basic, Beginner & Intermediate Course
  • Zoom Streaming Live Online Lesson as Scheduled
  • Online Support & Discussion

Why Learn With Us?

Professional Mentor

Our professional mentor who had experienced in the real-world project from Japan and Southeast Asia will be supporting each student through this Make-Ai Data Science Course. Students can experience to become the practical data scientist and hands-on class based on the case study in the real world.

Convenient Platform

When learning data science it’s important to get an intuitive understanding of what you’re actually doing. Make-Ai Data Science course provides intuitive Data Science course in one convenient platform so you are able to understand most of the important skills needed for data science.

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Certificates issued by our affiliated company, GRID INC., who develop and provide AI technology headquartered in Tokyo.

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Opportunities to work in Japan

We collaborate with GeeksJapan, a job search site for IT talent looking for career opportunities abroad especially in Japan. We can offer you the opportunity to work in Japan so you can continue to grow as a person, enhance your skills and develop the kind of career you’ve always wanted.